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September 3, 2017


The last thing I wrote on my last post, which was in April, was that I was going to post more often, lolzzz. It’s September! Usually when I stop posting it’s because we aren’t seeing progress but I am happy to report that this time it is quite the opposite.

So what have we been up to? I can’t believe I am typing this but we found some amazing general contractors. That’s right we fired a second contractor and hired a third. And I guess it’s true what they say, third time is the charm. Our new GC started work on March 28th and by June 1st we were living in the garden rental unit. On August 1st we moved upstairs into the main unit. We have seen unbelievable progress in the last 5 months and our contractor has hit EVERY.SINGLE.DEADLINE. After a year and half of terrible experiences I didn’t think it was possible. In about two weeks we should be complete with all construction. Bring on the punch list!

Here’s a little before and after of the exterior…

Still a few things to do outside but almost there ūüôā

Cheers, Hayley

January 12, 2017

Cheers to 2017

Well 2016 was a blur. ¬†It was an all around terrible year. ¬†I only posted here once. ¬†After March 2016 we had to regroup a little bit on the house. ¬†We hired a new GC and started work at the very end of August. We’ve made some progress and we’ve had some setbacks. ¬†I would just say overall this process still feels painfully slow. ¬†2016 looked a little something like this…

2016 Year in Review

January – Pushing to try and get the rental done so we can move in.

February РWe move into the rental even though there are no appliances or no heat. Perks: running water and electricity.  Lots of arguing with the contractor/subcontractors.

March – Lots more fighting with the contractors/subcontractors…. You’re fired!

April – We move out of the house. We meet with tons of GC’s

May – We meet with more GC’s.

June, July – Mostly a blur, more meetings with GC’s.

August – Hire a new GC. Secure funds to complete reno. Begin construction again!

September РHouse gets broken into, ugh. A very dark day. We immediately install ADT.  We now have ADT!

October РI lose my job when my position is relocated.  Bad for cash flow but great for now acting as construction foreman (#blessingindisguise).  We briefly consider selling and meet with our broker.

November РNew windows officially installed and the cornice is painted, yay!  Donald Trump is elected president, ugh.  I start my own business.

December – Floors go in on parlor and second level. I am not sure what else happened in December, it’s like the whole world flakes at the end of the year.

We sent away for the tax photos so here is a little timeline in facades.  The last picture shows how the house looks with the new windows.

NYC Tax Photo 1940’s

NYC Tax Photo 1980’s

March 2015 – after purchase

November 2016 – new windows, stained glass restored, cornice painted.

I am very thankful 2016 is over and I am looking forward to a positive 2017!

Cheers, Hayley

December 16, 2015

The wood is looking good

Our contractor shared some pictures with us of the kitchen cabinets that are being made and the pocket doors that are being restored. ¬†Can’t wait to see everything in the house soon! ¬†Remember those doors were coated with layers of paint.

We are a little behind schedule. ¬†No dry wall has gone up yet. ¬†Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t be moving in until mid January.

download_20151216_115721download_20151216_115716 download_20151216_115725 download_20151216_115729

Cheers, Hayley

December 4, 2015

Almost ready for walls

The deck is up, the electric is run, and the plumbing is in.  Once everything is inspected we will be ready for dry wall!  Oh and some firefighters stopped by to get some tips from our contractor Franco, since most of the them moonlight as handyman/contractors a well.

Cheers, Hayley


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