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March 25, 2015

We have closed!

Big News! We closed this week!  We officially own a Brownstone in Bed-Stuy after several months of being in contract.


We will probably do a post one day about the rollercoaster ride we went through while being in contract but for now we feel too close to it, and we want to enjoy the fact that the deal went through and the house is ours.  Here we are celebrating after we got the keys…


100 year old mirror selfie


Jameson surveying his land


popping some champagne

IMG_3475 (1)

pizza and beers on the floor

In the weeks to come I will post more about construction plans and renovations.  I am going to put together a “before” house tour soon!



March 24, 2015


snow brownstone

So sorry for my absence from the blog.  We have had some exciting recent developments so I am going to post more regularly.  Here is Part V from Punit, the last post of a five post series, check out Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV.

Offer 5: Hancock Street

The last house we made an offer on was a three story brownstone on Hancock St. It had an impeccable facade (recently restored) and the interior had a lot of original details plus lots of wacky paint colors. When we first saw it we got the feeling that this was the one! We already knew there were seven offers on the table, but we decided this is definitely the house. We even walked by later in the day just to see it from the outside one more time. We made our offer, which had to be our final offer since they were already in the best and final stage, at 23.5% over asking. This seemed ludicrous at first, but the asking price was actually extremely low when compared to similar properties for sale or properties that had recently closed in the area.  We believe it was priced to create a bidding war. We waited a few days with no news and then came what we had been waiting months to hear … YOUR OFFER IS ACCEPTED!  They asked us to do a home inspection before they would send a contract.  We did the home inspections, but tons more drama ensued, which we will cover in a future post.  Good news though was we did eventually go into contract!