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June 17, 2015

First Renovation Purchase

We have made our very first reno purchase… and it’s a kitchen range!  It’s probably fitting since we spend most of our time thinking about food.

We have purchasing a Lacanche Range.  It’s french, oolala!  We were going back and forth between the Cluny and the Sully models and ultimately decided on the Sully.  The main reason we chose the Sully is because the interior oven dimensions are bigger. The Cluny would have also been great but I think long term the Sully was the better choice.

Isn’t it beautiful?


What’s great about the two ovens is that you can customize them so one is gas and the other is electric/convection.  Also the cooktop comes with a portable simmer plate so you can use the space to keep food warm after it comes off a burner or out of the oven.  The lead time is a bit long since it is made in France, so that is why we ordered it right away.  Hopefully it will be here and installed and ready for use by December.  Meantime I need to practice my gourmet cooking skills.

Cheers, Hayley

P.S. Some kitchen inspiration…

kitchne with lacanche

Source: Domino

June 16, 2015

DOB Filing

I am sorry that I have been seriously neglecting this blog.  I have a pretty good excuse though… we got married!  The wedding was a few weeks ago and for the last few months leading up to it the planning and prepping took over our life.

wedding dance

Now with the wedding behind us we are focusing on the house and the renovation!  We have all the floor plans finalized with the architects and are going to file this week with the Department of Buildings (DOB) in Brooklyn.  The architects has decided to self certify the filing.  This will allow us to bypass a full review process by the DOB and save time.  It is technically called Professional Certification.  We may be subject to an audit but we plan on doing everything to code etc so we are ok with that.  Fingers crossed we have permits in just a few weeks instead of months.

Next on the to do list is go to design showrooms and then meet with contractors to get quotes.

I am still planning on putting together some kind of “before” home tour with pictures, working on it!

Cheers, Hayley