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October 26, 2015

The Upstairs Office

Now that all the rooms are framed out, we are starting to get a sense for the size and space.  I am starting to think more about what furniture we will need in each room and how to lay it out.  I love West Elm, and I recently discovered their Room Planner and it’s my new favorite thing.

With the Room Planner I created the layout for the office below.  Since we only have three bedrooms (and one of them is our master) we want this room to be somewhat of a flex space that can be used as an office or a guest room in case we have a few people staying with us at one time.  office layout

I think we will paint the walls a light grey which will look nice with the wood trim, shutters, and walnut floor.

BM - Grey Owl

Benjamin Moore – Gray Owl

Originally we were going to do a wall of built in shelves but ultimately we have decided its better to buy some key furniture pieces which will allow the room to be easily changed up/rearranged in the future.  This room doesn’t have a closet so I think adding an armoire makes a lot of sense.  The over sized chair with be a pull out twin bed.

West Elm - Patchwork Armoire

CB - Karnes Cot Sleeper

bar cart West Elm - Mid-Century DeskPB -Nash Swivel Desk Chair

Target - Aztec Rug

I think it all has a fun Mad Men vibe!  Cheers, Hayley

West Elm: Patchwork Armoire // C&B: Karnes Cot Sleeper // CB2: Bar Cart // West Elm: Mid-Century Desk Acorn // PB: Nash Swivel Desk Chair // Target: Aztec Rug

October 16, 2015

Patterned Tiles in the Powder Room

We are currently finalizing all our tile selections for the three bathrooms and the kitchen.  We are going to put a fun patterned tile on the wall behind the toilet in the powder room.  Below are some options we are looking at…


I’d really like to paint the walls a rich navy blue…

We will have a floating toilet and small console sink with thin white subway tiles behind the sink.

powder room

This is my inspiration for the mirror and lighting…

And a “Wash Closet” or “Toilette” sign on the outside of the door!wc signtoilette sign

Cheers, Hayley

October 14, 2015

Contruction Update and Parlor Floor Design Renderings

Now that demolition is complete the framing is going up!  Metal beams have been added to each of the ceiling beams since we took out a load bearing wall and the metal beams you see in the picture below are being used to frame out the rooms.

A lot of other stuff has been going on too that you can’t see like all new electrical wiring and plumbing.

vscocam-photo-1 (1)

It’s still a little hard to imagine what it’s all going to look like so I am sharing some renderings our architects did.  The finishes will not look exactly like they do in the renderings but it gives you an idea of the general layout of the first floor.

This space….


Will be transformed into this space…




Cheers, Hayley

October 7, 2015

Kitchen Options

It’s Kitchen Wednesday! That’s not actually a thing but I thought I’d share some design renderings of different kitchen options our architects put together.  Punit and I have pretty much decided the finishes we like and its sort of a hybrid of the different options below.  Also we are going to have a tile backsplash instead of exposed brick.  But I am interested to hear what everyone think about the designs.  What do you prefer?  Anything you would consider?

150507_DD3.5 (1)-03150507_DD3.5 (1)-04150507_DD3.5 (1)-05150507_DD3.5 (1)-06

Cheers, Hayley

October 6, 2015

Floor Plans

I have added a page to show the floor plans.  Check it out here or below!  Once construction is complete this is what the layout for each floor will look like.  It took us months of going back and forth with our architects, Dylan and Javier, and seeing many iterations before we decided on these plans.

Parlor Floor Layout

Parlor Floor Layout

Second Floor Layout

Second Floor Layout

Garden Floor Layout

Garden Floor Layout

This is the original floor plan from when we bough the house.

original floor plan.jpg

Cheers, Hayley

October 5, 2015

Construction is Underway

Sorry that it’s been a while since I provided an update on the house.  We were away on vacation for 2.5 weeks, so I have been absent from the blog.  We broke ground nearly 6 weeks ago at the very end of August and demolition is nearly complete.

Warning: the pictures below may cause anxiety, because the state of the house is causing me some anxiety!  Basically everything has been ripped out of each floor but I have to keep reminding myself that most of the original woodwork and details have gone to our contractors workshop where they will be stripped and made to look beautiful again.  Then all if it will be placed back into the house.  But, when you walk into the house and see almost nothing in the interior you can’t help but ask yourself, “Did we make the right choices?”, “Will it all come together and look as we imagine it?”  But I know it will!  And I trust our architects and contractor.

The good news is that when they took out all the walls and floors and fully inspected the bones of the house there were no majors issues.  So fingers crossed it stays that way.

Also our kitchen range has shipped from France.  It’s on a boat and gets here in December.

Below are a few photos showing the current state of the brownstone (minus the cellar)…

Note the giant dumpster outside of the house.  More than a few of those have been filled up.


Here is the parlor floor which will be our main living space.  The kitchen will go in that back left corner where you can see the exposed brick.


The second floor living space is just one big open space right now, and it is getting new floor boards and a whole new layout.



Finally, the garden level which will be a one bedroom rental unit is being opened up to rearrange the floor plan.


Cheers, Hayley

The Brownstoners House Tour

The Brownstoners of Bedford-Stuyvesant House Tour is back again this year on Saturday 10/17.  We went last year and it was awesome. Local brownstone homeowners open up their homes for the public to tour. Last year we saw about 7 homes. This year we will definitely go again!

Check out the details here.


Cheers, Hayley