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January 12, 2017

Cheers to 2017

Well 2016 was a blur.  It was an all around terrible year.  I only posted here once.  After March 2016 we had to regroup a little bit on the house.  We hired a new GC and started work at the very end of August. We’ve made some progress and we’ve had some setbacks.  I would just say overall this process still feels painfully slow.  2016 looked a little something like this…

2016 Year in Review

January – Pushing to try and get the rental done so we can move in.

February – We move into the rental even though there are no appliances or no heat. Perks: running water and electricity.  Lots of arguing with the contractor/subcontractors.

March – Lots more fighting with the contractors/subcontractors…. You’re fired!

April – We move out of the house. We meet with tons of GC’s

May – We meet with more GC’s.

June, July – Mostly a blur, more meetings with GC’s.

August – Hire a new GC. Secure funds to complete reno. Begin construction again!

September – House gets broken into, ugh. A very dark day. We immediately install ADT.  We now have ADT!

October – I lose my job when my position is relocated.  Bad for cash flow but great for now acting as construction foreman (#blessingindisguise).  We briefly consider selling and meet with our broker.

November – New windows officially installed and the cornice is painted, yay!  Donald Trump is elected president, ugh.  I start my own business.

December – Floors go in on parlor and second level. I am not sure what else happened in December, it’s like the whole world flakes at the end of the year.

We sent away for the tax photos so here is a little timeline in facades.  The last picture shows how the house looks with the new windows.

NYC Tax Photo 1940’s

NYC Tax Photo 1980’s

March 2015 – after purchase

November 2016 – new windows, stained glass restored, cornice painted.

I am very thankful 2016 is over and I am looking forward to a positive 2017!

Cheers, Hayley