November 17, 2015

Construction Update: the Bay Window

Things are moving along on the house.  All the plumbing and electric has been run for the most part, there were some rotting beams in the basement that were replaced, and the cement base for the deck has been laid.  Hopefully in about  two weeks we will be ready to start putting drywall up.

HOWEVER, there has been a bit of surprise debacle with the bay window at the back of the house on the parlor floor.  To jog your memory is used to look like this…


And now is currently looks like this…


When our contractor took up the fake flooring that had been laid over the original hardwoods he realized there had been some water damage and that the window which sticks out on the back of the house was sagging a bit.  We talked about it and decided he should fix it by propping it back up and replacing any damaged wood.  Well when they began the work they realized there was a piece of pipe running through the side of the window that was no longer connected to anything.  So for who knows how long water has been pouring into this window/corner of the house.  The trim and wainscoting has been salvaged and the window will be rebuilt, but the whole thing had to be taken down. Hence the giant whole in the back of the house.

Here is the evil pipe that was draining to no where…


The roof of the garden shed that was added on was also rotting.  The bay window sat over this roof…


But fear not, everything is being fixed and there are lots of steel beams involved…

IMG_2478 IMG_2476 IMG_2474

I can’t wait to see this window when its restored to its original glory!  We also may add some stained glass since we have to replace the window panes anyway (#treatyoself).

Lesson learned: Hiring a certified, professional plumber is important. Replacing a bay window is expensive.

Cheers, Hayley

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