Hi, I am Hayley and this is my husband Punit.


We live in Brooklyn with our pup, Jameson.  We recently purchased a brownstone in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood and are now about to renovate and restore it.  I love all things vintage and Punit loves all things modern so the feel and design of our home will probably end up somewhere in the middle.


To learn a little bit more about why I started this blog check out my very first post.  But to sum it up best I am using this blog space to document all the steps we take, the up the downs, the decision-making, and the progress with a few goals in mind…

  1. to have a place to keep a record of building this first home together,
  2. to keep us accountable for making all the decisions with purpose,
  3. to share the crazy trials and tribulations of buying a house in NYC and any useful information we come across,
  4. to explore and share information about this new up and coming neighborhood, Bed-Stuy,
  5. and to allow our family, friends, and you to follow along in the process!

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